Scott Morrison’s 3×1 shop on Soho’s Mercer Street is a boutique that doubles as a high-class factory specializing in fine raw denim and chambray, all displayed in large spools lining an entire wall of his store. The selection consists of more than 115 unique selvedge denim from around the world and more than 60 varieties of non-selvedge denim, stretch denim and twill.

The 4,000 square-foot retail and gallery space includes a 3,200 square-foot design studio (Morrison hosts fashion week events and skateboard parties there). But it’s not just the pants that do the trick here. It’s how well these jeans fit any body type (just ask LeBron James, a loyal customer of 3×1’s $1,200 bespoke service). In fact, 3×1 specializes in three things: limited-edition, custom made and bespoke jeans. Limited edition pairs ($295-$475) are kept in stock and made in limited quantities of only eight, 12, 16 or 24 pieces – each to be hemmed and finished, with a button and rivets of the customer’s choosing. Custom products ($525-$750) are made to order and include time with a consultant to determine preferences for back pockets, thread and fabric. The bespoke service (yep, prices start at $1,200 and go up) allows patrons to work individually with Morrison and his pattern-maker to create their own pair of jeans from start to finish.

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