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Punto D Apoyo LIVE
When May 11, 2016
08:00 PM - 10:30 PM
This party's not for sitting, friends. You might say the Guajiro's just got funkier. The first time you walk into a Punto D Apoyo party, you feel like you've discovered a beautiful secret, an underground river that carries you smoothly and joyously into the night. Theirs is a music both sweet and fierce with a sincerity and humility unheard of on current the salsa scene. Their love affair with Cuban music began years before Buena Vista Social Club and has evolved far beyond simply aping the standards. Sculpted and honed on NYC streets and clubs they have transcended the stock music of salsa pick- up bands with a sound unmistakable and unique. This IS original music. Sweet Son Montuno blends with the modern funk of Timba , and goes straight to your soul, pulling you to the dance floor.         The Django opens for small plates and craft cocktails at 7pm Wednesday - Saturday. Live music 8pm- Late.
Ongoing Events - 05/11/16