For the weekly GrandLife playlist this week, we have a special flashback from our dear friend, DJ Justin Miller.

Here’s a guy that knows about a good time. Having established himself as one of NYC’s premier DJ’s, Justin not only provides the best music soundtrack to a night, he has a killer time. Please excuse the pun…

Back in 2007, Justin ‘have a killer time‘ Miller commenced 205 Tuesdays, a weekly party he ran with his good friend and producer/DJ Jacques Renault.

After over a year of hosting countless local and internationally renowned guests, off-the-wall ragers, and delirious mornings-after, 205 Tuesdays closed its doors. However, Miller didn’t see this as the end of an era―for him, it was just the beginning. Justin continued to foster his growing reputation, using the 205 event as a formidable credibility card. His desire is to emulate the great DJ’s of the 70s and 80s―those who focused most on curating perfect party environments and “breaking” records―stuck with him – First Avenue

GrandLife are thrilled to be able to share with you a live mix from one of the 205 parties. Download it below, and start getting in the mood.

If this isn’t a great start to the weekend, we don’t know what is!