Let’s do a bit of light Wikipediaing:

Dr. Henry Jay Heimlich is an American physician who has received credit as the inventor of abdominal thrusts, more commonly known as the Heimlich maneuver.

Vs. Magazine is an international fashion and lifestyle magazine published bi-annually. Known for its sleek design, luxury fashion stories, editorial edge and large format, glossy, print size.

Erin Wasson is the 5’10” Irish German Supermodel, known for virtually all things fashion, her high cheekbones and undeniable beauty have propelled her into model stardom, oh yeah, she’s also in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer.

If you put these three into a blender, add a dash of hyper stylized video production, and a huge hunk of (prime rib, I think?) you get an absolutely terrific, yet slightly ludicrous vignette of what it might be like for a supermodel to resuscitate another er…supermodel.

To celebrate the release of this short, found here, we reunited the cast and creative one more time in our Club Room for a little re-enaction. Click through for a peek!