1. Stella McCartney panties: Listen up, men! Save yourself a trip to the tasteless hell that is Victoria’s Secret and get her this sweet panty set she can actually use. You’ll see that white cotton can be just as sexy – if not more so – as, say, red lace?
  2. By Terry Rose Balm: Not the first gift to come to mind for V-day, but how refreshing to give the gift of rose besides the usual bodega arrangement. At sixty big ones, she’d be loath to spring for it herself, so there’s no way a girl wouldn’t love this lavish lip balm. And it’s a win-win when you kiss her moisturized lips!
  3. Vosges Bacon Chocolate Bar: This needs very little explanation. It’s a chocolate bar with bacon in it. Done.
  4. Rose 31 from Le Labo: This “fragrance lab,” a gem in Soho, is an experience to be savored, much like their unique signature scents. Take her in and treat her to a bottle. They’ll even personalize the chosen perfume with her name on the label!
  5. Charlotte Olympia kitty flats: Forgo the pink satin negligee and get her these adorable flats instead. She’ll freak out. In a good way.
  6. Venessa Arizaga Let’s Bone bracelet: Call out this Hallmark holiday for all its overt cheesiness and gift her with irreverence and whimsy! Any gal would love to receive a piece from Venessa’s line of jewelry, known for its cheeky charms.
  7. Ian McEwan’s Sweet Tooth: It’s such a good look for you to give your ladylove a beautiful hardback. It lets her know that you acknowledge her intellectual side, and makes you look intelligent as well to have picked out a novel in a real-live bookstore.
  8. J. Crew for Liberty pajamas: Every gal loves a good pair of PJs, and would so appreciate a pair she could actually wear to open the door – instead of a barely there, up-to-there teddy. Who even wears teddies?…What’s a teddy?
  9. Acne angora sweater: The retro romance of this snuggle-worthy sweater will not be lost on her. But that it’s from the covetable line Acne will really win her over.
  10. J Crew Corgi cashmere socks: Ahhh, the gift of softness. We only get socks once a year it seems, and they’re usually under the tree and have reindeers on them. These would be such a nice change. In cashmere, no less.