Hotels have forever played home to romantic getaways, often ranging from the short and sweet afternoon tryst to the weekend lock-in and everywhere in-between. This past Valentine’s day we asked two of our guests, Artist/DJ Blue Logan and DJ Alix Brown to share with us their experiences at the Soho and Tribeca Grand Hotels respectively.

Each were greeted upon checkin with a glass of pink champagne, which paired beautifully with the treats waiting in their rooms – Alix recounting the experience:

“We walked into our 7th floor suite at The Tribeca Grand and were pleased to find a bottle of red wine with chocolates and macaroons waiting for us on the coffee table! The bedroom had tall windows overlooking TriBeCa, and the iPod stereo was already playing my Valentine’s Day playlist. The Sonics “Have Love Will Travel” is the opening track, which of course worked out as I’d like to think love and travel are deeply set in the ethos of any hotel worth its salt.”

And Blue Logan at Soho Grand:

“The suite was sweet! A beautiful view over manhattan with the Empire State building glowing pink in the distance. Of course a little Frank Sinatra was a must, so was quite pleased to see my playlist going in the background upon entering add in some old French love songs… perfection!”

In addition to the amenities awaiting, Alix was invited to experience the Aire Spa just around the corner from the Tribeca Grand:

“The atmosphere in the lobby was tranquil and cozy, in contrast to the urban chaos just outside. We signed in and were led to our locker rooms, then changed and met outside the baths. As we walked down the stairs into the candle-lit baths underground, a guide explained to us the kinds of pools and rooms, and we made our way into the warm saltwater pool first. This was probably our favorite bath there, the feeling of being able to float while lying perfectly still on the surface of the water was almost unbelievable! We tried out the hot and cold pools, the steam room, and the jacuzzi for an hour or so before it was time for our massages. The masseuses were gentle and thorough, in spite of the 1/2 hour time limit, which was just what we needed to relax before our night at the hotel bar!”

Alix and her lovely boyfriend Will ate special Valentine’s prix-fixe dinner which she was all to happy to wax poetic on: “We started off with a bottle of Sancerre, and decided to go all seafood, with the sea scallop with beets and mandarin appetizer, and then the salt encrusted sea bass and bacon brussels sprouts for the entree. Will was a bit nervous to try the scallops since he thought he might have been mildly allergic to shellfish, but he decided to go for it since they looked so good. Surprise – nothing happened to him, and they WERE delicious. The bass was super fresh, and the brussels sprouts were crispy and buttery and bacon-y. We took our dessert and the rest of the wine over to the DJ booth near the bar, where we met up with Tennessee Thomas and started up the jams while spooning up chocolate souffle and apple tart… mmm.”

Both Alix and Blue DJ’d the Valentine’s night away before retiring to their respective suites, but not before filling out their breakfast in bed requests, which Blue (something of a pancake aficionado) can attest to being delicious: “We ordered Everything! Pancakes and a Full English Breakfast – mainly because we were absolutely famished! All of it entirely delicious.”

We invite you to experience a romantic getaway any day of the year in our suites at Tribeca and Soho Grand, to do so please contact our reservations department directly:

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