Last week, three new fragrances were released by one of GrandLife’s favorite brands.

PLAY COMME des GARÇONS announced earlier this year that they would be launching the new perfumes, and late last week they became available to the public.

With a perfectly obscure poetic explanation of the new releases, we’re excited to get our hands on them.

The scents feature the following signature unique notes:

RED PLAY 100ml Eau de Toilette

-Red manarin, pink peppercorn, safraleine
-Red cherry accord, granium, cinnamon
-Osmanthus, myrrh, balsam of Tolu

BLACK PLAY 100ml Eau de Toilette

-Black pepper, pepperwood, red pepper
-Violet, thyme, black tea
-Birch tar, incense, tree moss

GREEN PLAY 100ml Eau de toilette

-Mint, nanah, lime, juniper berry
-Basil, jasmine, mastic tree
-Abelmoschus, vetiver, cedar

Available at the COMME des GARÇONS boutique NYC:

520 West 22nd Street
New York NY 10011

In other CDG news, designer Rei Kawakubo is tonight being honored by the CFDA with a Lifetime Achievement Award. released a wonderful tribute to the designer, featuring archival garments modelled by some of New York’s most interesting fashion alumni & loyal fans, including Sarah Chavez, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Jonathan Boschetto who all offer their personal feelings about their passion for Rei and COMME des GARÇONS.