Here’s a timely confession: I am kind of obsessed with Beyonce Knowles. Like, openly a huge fan. Huge. It started with Destiny’s Child, a seminal part of my formative tween years – the trio took over where my beloved TLC left off. Need I say “Say my name”? After last night’s surprise reunion, I think not. These days I have mad love for Sasha Fierce herself and her whole empowered woman thing. I’ve probably google-imaged Blue Ivy more than most people, I check her blog on the reg, and yes, I was finally induced to watch a football game last night for her Superbowl half-time show (lipsynching or not). I even agree with interrupting Kanye (sorry sweet Taylor Swift); the “Single Ladies” video totally deserved that VMA. Yeah, I still think about that.

But there’s a new Knowles in town – on my radar at least. Beyonce’s younger sister, singer-songwriter Solange, has recently come into her own, and 2013 should prove to be her year when her upcoming album drops. There’s big buzz surrounding her third release, mostly due to its production by Dev Hynes of recent Blood Orange fame, as well as her impromptu performances. That she lives in Brooklyn, hipster bourough du jour, with her adorable son, and dresses like the coolest chick helps as well. And that hair! She has been quoted as saying she has a totally different artistic temperament than her older sister, and is uninterested in that level of celebrity. How refreshing to watch Solange go her own way, when she could easily rely on Beyonce’s prowess in the biz. Let “Queen Bee” run the empire. Solange might just steal the show.

  1. Piamita pants: Most often pictured in clashing ethnic prints and bright colors, Solange is fearless in her outfit choices. The girl never met an Ikat she didn’t like. These pajama style pants’ quirky print, (those are peppers!), and louche cool-girl tailoring are something she would totally gravitate toward.
  2. Sweatshirt: The revival of the 1970s/80s cult brand Kenzo by Opening Ceremony’s founders Carol Lim and Humberto Leon is the hipster’s ultimate retail fantasy. Solange would wear this sweatshirt with the aformentioned pants without a normal person’s hesitation. These two pieces mix well because the patterns are on a similar scale and both slightly off color-wise.
  3. Kirkwood shoes: She has stated her love of footwear designer Nicholas Kirkwood’s veritable shoe art, so I can’t imagine Solange turning down this pair. From a collaboration with a print-master as well, designer Peter Pilotto, these might be some of the most cheerful shoes around.
  4. Sunnies: Solange again prefers the avant-garde when it comes to her eyewear, and New York-based luxury eyewear label Illesteva is a favorite. I love how the blue here mirrors the blue leopard in the sweatshirt. It’s all in the details, ain’t it?
  5. Necklace: Naturally eschewing the dainty or safe in jewelry, Solange tops off her bold looks with seriously chunky tribal pieces. This necklace from NY based Lizzie Fortunato might actually be the tamest thing she’d wear. That’s weird for a statement necklace.
  6. Record player: Obligatory retro record player, to spin motown favorites in reverence. I know, I know, it’s from Urban Outfitters, (wince), but it’s just so cute.