There are certain movies I’ll always watch when I stumble across them late at night while channel surfing, no matter what. Twister is one. Love me some Twister. Scarface is another. I tune in not for Al Pacino’s brute performance but rather to catch a glimpse of Michelle Pfeiffer at her peak. Since I first saw the film I became obsessed with her seventies glamour, offset by the chicest, sleekest bangs and bob combo ever to grace the silver screen. Her character Elvira is stunningly beautiful, but more importantly she’s a lady; everyone remembers her in the slinky nightclub gown, but I prefer the scene when she wears a cream skirt suit and hat suitable for church, with cat-eye shades and drop earrings that have just the right amount of 40’s noir. This is a gangster flick after all.

I yearn for that kind of uptown, put-together sophistication in our increasingly casual world. Especially working in SoHo, where the ubiquitous uniform of skinny jeans and wedge sneakers has really gotten tired. Women don’t dress these days so much as drop-and-roll. But Lauren Santo Domingo shines through the unkempt masses in all her icy beauty and perfectly polished head-to-toe looks. Born into the old guard, Lauren is more recently known for having co-founded Moda Operandi – an online retailer which basically makes the runaway collections available instantly, like before the models have even changed backstage (into their skinny jeans and sneaker wedges). Lauren shows some serious restraint in her style considering she has access to the newest, and hottest before us all. The gal knows how to keep it strictly lady. Almost always clad in some kind of pale, delicate confection for parties, demonstrating the allure of a strappy heel – her idea of casual is a silk blouse, with maaaybe the first two buttons undone.

  1. Lace dress: I can easily see Lauren working this baby on the red carpet at any of the innumerable events she attends weekly. By “working this baby” I mean posing ever so gracefully. The lace looks modern and unfussy here because of the edgy cut.
  2. Box clutch: LSD loves the ladylike appeal of a clutch, but keeps it fresh with the minaudière style that has become popular again. This jewel box version is special like an old family heirloom, and a nod to Art Deco romance is always a plus in an accessory.
  3. Strappy sandals: Never out of style, a true dame has a classic pair of strappy sandals in heavy rotation for her cocktail attire. These are the opposite of a statement shoe, and are almost impervious to trends. And there are enough options out there that you don’t have to spend as much.
  4. Blazer: Nobody does blazer like Balmain. Invest enough in a well-cut jacket and see how much use you’ll get out of it. Or forget cost-per-wear, just see how lovely it looks thrown over a dress.
  5. Serum: If everybody has “a thing,” a signature, something that sets them apart; LSD’s would have to be her lovely lady locks. While we all continue to do disheveled beach waves and ombre, it seems as though Lauren has never said no to a blow out. She simply has the shiniest, bounciest picture-day hair.