I always want to look like Brigitte, year-round. Effortless. Classic. Sexy…French. But when it’s this hot, and trying on more than one thing in my hot-box, attic-like apartment immediately produces sweat, I want to achieve this look as quickly as possible. Clichéd perhaps but the striped mariner tee, cropped jeans, and ballet flats continue to really, just, work. The trick is to find the most classic take on these items – leaving you with iconic summer style. Go a size up if you need for added breeze and rumpled nonchalance. Add dry shampoo, a little eyeliner and you’re ready to vamp.

  1. Saint James Meridian II T-Shirt $95 La Garçonne – The shirt is the most important part of this look. There are a million trendy iterations out there but Saint James was the original. Dispute me.
  2. Repetto BB Leather Ballet Flats $265 Net-A-Porter – Again, the originals. For people living under rocks, a history lesson: Brigitte, a classically trained ballerina, asked founder Rose Repetto to make her a dance shoe she could wear in the street. Bam.
  3. Acne Pop Betty Cropped Jeans $270 Acne Jeans – It’s obscenely hard to find a perfect, vintage-inspired, not-too-cropped, light-wash jean. So thank you again, Acne.
  4. Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo $18 Dermastore  – Is it still a secret that this is great on clean hair as well? Breaks up first day hair, or what I call 8th grade picture day hair, creating separation, mussiness, and bed head volume.
  5. Dior Liquid Eyeliner $34 Sephora – My personal favorite. Best applied liberally, obviously.