Where do you currently reside?

Diana Nawi: Miami

How do you earn a living? What do you do?

Diana Nawi: Associate curator, Miami Art Museum

What would the title of your autobiography be?

Diana Nawi: 40 Shades of Black”

What can’t you travel without ?

Diana Nawi: Ballet flats

What’s your favorite travel destination?

Diana Nawi: Los Angeles–there is nothing more satisfying than walking off the plane onto the tarmac in Burbank

If you could choose one person to show you “their Miami”, who would it be?

Diana Nawi: Morris Lapidus

What or who has inspired you recently?

Diana Nawi: Good poets with good politics and all my girl friends working hard in museums in New York

What’re your favorite restaurants in Miami?

Diana Nawi: Mandolin, Reggae Tacos, Lester’s, Athens Juice Bar

What’s your favorite Bar/Nightlife Venue in Miami, and why?

Diana Nawi: The Palm Bay Yacht Club, my apartment.

What’re your favorite stores/shops in Miami?

Diana Nawi: The Webster, the store at the Miami Art Museum, and any amazing shop in South Beach selling beach towels printed with sunsets, flags, and dollar bills.

Where d0 y0u get your art fix?

Diana Nawi: James Turell’s ‘Meeting’ at PS1 in Queens, Miami lightning storms, MASS MoCA, and California

What’s your “must do” recommendation for Miami visitors?

Diana Nawi: Beaches, botanical gardens, boats, the Wolfsonian, the spa at The Standard, Opa Locka, and driving around–the city is best seen at 30 miles an hour from the window of a car