Ahhh The Beatrice Inn, where do we begin… The erstwhile dimly lit den of sin shuttered its doors to the chagrin of leather clad partygoers in 2009, where like Han Solo it remained frozen in carbonite till 2011 when armchair restaurateur Graydon Carter snatched up the property and began a gut-renovation to bring the classic chophouse model to the West Village, something he was sorely missing: “There’s no good chophouse in this part of town,” Mr. Carter said. “I live here and it’s something I want.” He told the NY Times last month while failing to reveal a soft open date, deferring simply to: “August”

“August” is just about wrapped up, so it makes sense that rumors are leaking about a September 3rd start date – now before you start groaning about some inevitably covert, no-phone, have to know somebody who knows somebody reservation policy, we’ve got some news for you: this is a restaurant for the people. Graydon’s gone democratic on us, announcing that the restaurant will be listed on Open Table, with only but a handful of tables reserved for walk-in boldfaced names.

But just because the reservation system from the Waverly Inn won’t be carried over to the Beatrice doesn’t mean it’ll be a breeze to drop in, largely thanks to poached Per Se sous chef Brian Nasworthy‘s classic menu that feels as home on a chalkboard as it does on thick stock menu paper: expect a classic mix of chops, shrimp cocktails and our favorite, the wedge salad (hopefully with lardons).

Oh by the way, in case you were hoping to be first in line – tennis legend Roger Federer has you beat, he had his 31st birthday there the other night with a star studded group of friends, and an Olympic sized gold medal cake…which we’re told isn’t going to be on the menu any time soon.

Photos credit to Vogue.com

Beatrice Inn, 285 West 12th Street (Hudson Street), (646) 896-1804.