It’s something special in age of email and instant gratification to receive a tangible yet mysterious crate via traditional post – something we experienced for the second time this morning when we checked our mailboxes for the eagerly anticipated second iteration of NYC based luxury subscription service: SVBSCRIPTION.

We opened our “Study Parcel” with some ceremony as our friends and coworkers peered over our shoulders, eagerly curious as to what the rich pine box held as it slid open. The contents, as it turns out had been hand picked and curated this quarter with the help of some of our favorite brands: Loden Dager (New York), Harper Collins (UK), Le Labo (New York) and Kaweco (Germany)

Needless to say they hit us right in the sweet spot, take a peek through the gallery to catch a glimpse of some of the exclusive goodness that us and 200 other members are toying with right this moment.

Memberships for Svbscription V3 are now available online at The third edition has been produced in collaboration with a series of designers and brands from around the world.