The age-old New Year’s Eve countdown came masked and clad in glitter this year at Soho Grand’s Black & White Masquerade Ball. The luminous disco ball ticked to the sounds of Kieran Taylor, Mike Nouveau, Japanster and Julian Ungano, while black and white balloons fell from the rafters as the clock struck 12 and blanketed the crowd as they ushered in the first minutes of the New Year in each other’s arms. A night reminiscent of Truman Capote’s intimate masquerade ball in 1966, the glamour and convivial of our contemporary reincarnation could only be fit for the last night of the year as it enraptured the hotel’s grand lobby. GrandLife friends Mena Suvari, Mary-Kate Steinmiller, Gigi Burris, Christian Siriano, Morgan Collett, Brad Walsh, John Munson, Jenny K, Louise du Toit, Steven Rojas and Tommy Saleh were among the revelers welcoming in 2012 with their loved ones- champagne in tow. The anticipated spirit of the New Year spun with the twirling floor-grazing gowns and gave (as we would like to think) 2011 a run for its money.

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