It’s something of an open secret that here at GrandLife we’ve got a thing for Aussies. Case in point: a great chunk of our staff in front of, and behind the curtain are from the land downunder, so when over a lengthy lobster roll lunch our friends from Société Perrier floated the idea of a joint interview with Aussie fashion designer Toni Maticevski, we jumped at the chance. It’s a two-parter by the way, half here, half at Société Perrier make sure you click on over to get the whole picture.

There is recurring theme of bondage in your work, frequent use of leather straps, constricting elements, etc. – what turned you on to this style? (pardon the pun)
What appeals to me is the dark aspect, how it caters to the sub-conscious and is a little bit “dirty.” 

How has growing up in a sizable Macedonian community influenced your taste/eye?
I wouldn’t say it’s a huge influence but I do think the element of melancholy in Macedonian culture has found a way into my work. 
It’s more subtle, the emotional tone of the Macedonian environment comes through.
When you expand into a new market (or country) is the feeling new each time or is your approach to fashion universal?
I try to stick with the way I work and approach things. If you change too much, it kind of becomes the way you feel like when you invite different groups of friends to your birthday party and end up worrying if they are all getting along. It’s best to stick with my vision. 
What motivated you to try your hand in menswear, and what are your plans for the future?
Honestly, I was motivated to fill my own wardrobe. It can be tricky to find clothes and designing menswear was a good way to create pieces for myself and my friends. I want to explore menswear further but in a niche way, not mass market. 
How do you feel about awards shows? You’ve taken a few of them by storm – Is it a boon to your business, or do you find the scene unappetizing?
Award shows are a great way to get noticed and essential for brand building. However I am more into making clothes that you can just wear in any setting, not just award shows.