Thom Yorke is a cool dude.

No, wait – Thom Yorke is the coolest dude.

Thom Yorke is so cool that he can show up at one of the hottest parties of fashion week, blast some tunes that most people have never even heard of, and cause an absolute ruckus. We dropped in at the sprawling Wooly in the Woolworth Building for a few dozen glasses of Chandon (which turned into Belvedere once the throng drank the bar dry), and a complete mind melting at the hand of Mr. Yorke.

To call his DJ style eclectic would be akin to calling the Met Museum big – it’s a huge understatement. We personally listened to transitions from Minimal House, straight into Moombahton, and then right back into Experimental Acid House a la Aphex Twin. To listen to Yorke DJ was to have a temporary pathway into his mind, it was weird, wonderful, and outrageously brilliant.

Some big names were on hand with us to celebrate this momentous occasion, including Cara Delevigne, Aziz AnsariShannan Click, Jack Huston, Nur Khan, and Pernilla Fransander. Take a peek through the images for a taste of the action!

Photo Credit: Billy Farrell Agency