With rumors flying about end of the world predictions, wouldn’t it be nice to look forward to a dreamlike land with nature’s purest forms of beauty? For Jules Kim, creator of Bijules: a fantastical supercontinent, deemed Amasia is what she projected for the possible future of what will come after the actual Earth. Kim explains how “the scenes in this film welcome a new generation of raw talent and poise to an unexpected universe.” Amasia is a graceful adaptation of the experience Kim creates in her line of jewelry, mirroring the lustrous chaos of the world we inhabit. The film captures the sincerity of nature with an experienced artistic direction as Kim eloquently articulates the world’s mysteries in unexplored ways. After premiering in the Tribeca Grand’s theater in collaboration with Italian Vogue, the film is now available for viewing online.

Amasia | Jules Kim + wardenclyffe from Wardenclyffe Institute on Vimeo.