McNally Jackson Books, located on Prince Street in Soho, is constantly bustling, with a calendar full of events. Its popular café and vast selection of literature, poetry, nonfiction, and art books have made it a touchstone for this artsy and fashionable neighborhood.

Last summer owner Sarah McNally opened a companion store, Goods for the Study, around the corner on Mulberry Street. While both locations are dedicated to intellectual pursuits, this new outpost, sunnily outfitted with crisp white walls and light wood accents, offers the tools needed to create a truly inspirational workspace. Everything is arranged just so – even the art on the walls (framed Paris Review covers and quirky pages from encyclopedias), and other pieces of bookish inspiration, like delicately printed librettos from Thornwillow Press. Potted plants are nestled on shelves throughout the store (accompanied by burnished copper watering cans, which are available for purchase).

Sandeep Salter, who manages and curates the store’s selection with Sarah McNally, explains Goods for the Study’s distinctive niche. “We wanted a shop where one could envision their own work space, where everything would be useful and beautiful.” The assortment of goods goes beyond notebooks bound with acid-free paper and a variety of fountain pens. “We don’t only sell stationery, we sell everything for your home office or work space. From furniture, lighting and prints, to the stationery itself.”

Whether outfitting a new office or simply browsing, it’s impossible not to leave inspired.

Sandeep’s Five Favorite Products:

1. Pinetti Handmade Italian Notebooks: “These are number one, and they are so well made. I think they have managed to produce the most attractive pink leather I have ever seen. I use it every day.”

2. Mucu 2014 Date Books: “Pocket sized and handsome.”

3. Bindewerk Notebooks: “They are such versitile notebooks, especially good for sketching.”

4. Koh-I-Noor Leadholders: “Fantastic drawing tools, they have a sharpener built in, and the variety of colors they come in are really lovely.”

5. Midori Brass Pen: “Fine point writing, which makes for an excellent daily use pen.”

– Francesca Giacco

(Photos: David Brandon Geeting)