Their impressive new store, located in the South Street Seaport, was designed by another pair of Brooklyn brothers, Evan and Oliver Haslegrave, who have turned an old 19th century metals warehouse into a cavernous retail space with covetable wares in every corner, including bars of their single estate and single origin chocolate (try the new sea-salted South Street Seaport Museum edition), issues of Kinfolk magazine, and various coffee table books scattered artfully throughout, including the newly released The Edible Selby, by Todd Selby. Also, encased at the counter is an array of ridiculous (in a good way) homemade pastries; cupcakes, cookies, truffles, chocolate bark, and the like. Four words: double chocolate hazelnut cookie. Do it.

While walking around trying to decide on a chocolate bar to take home, the very sweet shopgirl in attendance informed us that the men who work at the Williamsburg factory making all the goods are frequently known to break out into song. Just like that, we were sold – who doesn’t want to eat chocolate made by singing men in a Brooklyn factory? Bonus: there’s also a kitchen and event space built out for cooking demos and special events.

215 Water Street, open Monday through Friday, 12 – 7 PM.