Regal Degal is a Brooklyn three piece with post punk leanings and natural raw charisma. This Saturday, November 19th they’re going to hit the stage at Tribeca Grand for our weekly event, Live From Tribeca.

“Our live shows vary from recordings, mostly because time is on our terms in the studio — time in a live setting is basically up for grabs and hence, our command and perception of time vs. that of the audience’s is quite different, resulting in a simultaneous slowing down and speeding up AKA regal dissonance.” – Regal Degal

Take a listen:

I Saw the Smoke

Regal Degal’s New York Favorites

Venue to play: Cake Shop, Manhattan and Death By Audio, Brooklyn

Bar: Zebulon, Brooklyn

Odd spots: The areas we call “funky” Broadway and “toxic” Greenpoint

Record Store: The Record Grouch, Brooklyn