Valentine’s Day: when florists sell out of all the good roses and women get all huffy if their bouquet is from the bodega. Don’t get caught in that trap! Be prepared! The love theme is very in right now, which is lucky for us, because it means these little presents are good year-round, not just on February 14th.

And if you’re looking for more of an experience this year, book one of our special Valentine’s Day packages at Soho Grand or Tribeca Grand:

At Soho Grand, we’ve teamed up with Fleur du Mal, a high-end ready-to-wear and lingerie brand founded by Jennifer Zuccarini, for our Bed Time Stories package. After check-in, you’ll be greeted with chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, and lingerie from Fleur du Mal in your room, plus a soundtrack curated by GrandLife Local and DJ Tennessee Thomas. After a special night, guests will breakfast in bed and a late checkout.

At Tribeca Grand, guests can choose from either an artistic or mischievous Valentine’s Day. Our Eat, Play, Love package includes chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in your room, and an intimate art experience from Love and Paint,  If you’re more a fan of games, opt for our Risqué Business package, which includes a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Agent Provocateur’s take on the classic game of charades. Both packages at Tribeca Grand include a late checkout plus a soundtrack curated by GrandLife Locals Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis.

But let’s not forget the gifts!

For Her:

NORA KOGAN | “Love” Ring

From Brooklyn-based designer Nora Kogan, this “Love” ring is super-subtle but entirely unique. The cursive is a playful take on the emotion, so if you’re looking for something not so serious, this is the ring for you. From $350; Available at ABC Carpet & Home, 888 Broadway, between East 18th and 19th Streets

CHINTI & PARKER | Cashmere “Love” Boyfriend Sweater

Everyone loves cashmere, and while you may argue that a sweater is not a romantic gift, believe us when we say this: cashmere is romantic. Also, this bears the word “love” on it, so you’re covered. $550; Available at Kirna Zabete, 477 Broome Street, between Wooster and Greene Streets

VOSGES Volupte Caramel Heart Bonbon Collection

After a month of following New Year’s resolutions with green juices and SoulCycle classes, your girl might be mad you got her chocolates for V-Day, but when said chocolates are white chocolate hearts tinted pale pink and filled with salted caramel, she’ll be all like “Ok, you’re right, these are amazing, I love you.” We live for any excuse to have Vosges, although, frankly, we don’t need an excuse. 2 $15; Available at Vosges, 132 Spring Street, between Wooster and Greene Streets

CHANEL | Iridescent Goatskin Card Holder

Who says you can’t afford to shop at Chanel? Every girl feels special when she gets a Chanel gift, and this little red quilted card holder will keep you in the good books for a long time. $325; Available at Chanel Soho, 139 Spring Street, between Wooster and Greene Streets

ASHKAHN | “Don’t F-in’ Leave Me” Card

Been misbehaving and scared your girlfriend is going to dump you? Convince her to give you a second chance with this card from Ashkahn. Either she’ll appreciate you asking or will be so repelled by your desperation that you’ll get dumped even sooner than she originally planned, but go ahead and take that risk! Better to rip the band aid right off, we say. $6; Available at American Two Shot, 135 Grand Street, between Crosby and Lafayette Streets

For Him:


Everyone needs a Love Me something or other in their home, and despite the floral nature of this series, your dude will appreciate it. Kulig’s tag is quintessential downtown New York, and the floral prints are limited to 100 so it’s extra special.  $175; Available at Saturdays Surf, 31 Crosby Street, between Grand and Broome Streets

OPENING CEREMONY | “Love Me Tender” Sweatshirt

It’s hard not to love a sweatshirt bearing an appliqued Elvis song title, and whomever receives it can’t not love it either. Of course, that it’s from Opening Ceremony makes it automatically cooler than if it was from your average store, so your man will like that aspect too. $64; Available at Opening Ceremony, 35 Howard Street, between Broadway and Crosby Street

A.P.C. | Red Knit Sailor Cap

For those who are basically allergic to Valentine’s Day, only refer to it as a Hallmark holiday or for those who just live for a practical gift, this hat is actual perfection. It’s red, so can feasibly be considered a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s from A.P.C. and we know how much guys live for A.P.C. Plus, if you guys ever break up, it will forever be a constant reminder about how awesome you were to date. $90; Available at A.P.C., 131 Mercer Street, between Spring and Prince Streets


While a woman would balk at such a gift, you will see the visible joy on your male significant other’s face should you deign to gift him this lock. You can try and fashion it into a heart shape in a gift box or some such. What’s cool is that it comes in a little pouch that he will no doubt use for his sunglasses or something. $125; Available at The Hub, 139 Charles Street, between Washington and Greenwich Streets

MOTORINO | Heart Shaped Pizza

You’ve only been dating five minutes so you can’t go over the top, gift-wise but you’re just… so into this guy! This is where heart-shaped pizza comes in. It’s funny, but it’s also in the shape of a heart, making it kind of cute. This might be the best Valentine’s gift you could give or receive. Who doesn’t love pizza? Prices vary; Available at Motorino, 349 East 12th Street, between First and Second Avenues

– Fiona Byrne