Here at GrandLife we’re all for anything that simultaneously makes our lives easier and more stylish, so when a friend of ours mentioned that there is a new operation in town that aims to do exactly that – we were intrigued. The service is called Trunk Club, and aims to take a stab at the age old men’s problem: shopping. Stereotypically we’ve never had time for it – it’s a cumbersome process, can be a bit awkward, and frankly unless you have a stylist (or a keen girlfriend) you might not end up with the right look.

Enter Trunk Club.

They’ve taken everything you wish you could have in a full time stylist, removed the up front cost, dialed the convenience factor to 11, and let you loose with a huge box filled with top notch gear. We gave every measurement and taste profile we could to our assigned stylist, gave a credit card (sans deposit) and waited a few days for our trunk to show up.

The first thing we noticed was the branding: it’s sharp and guy friendly – big bold fonts with great textures printed on a sturdy cardboard box, along with a great handle for lugging it up our walk up.

Next you’ll open the bad boy to see what’s inside, where you’ll be, again, pleasantly surprised: neatly wrapped with a linen ribbon was a stack of 4 outfits and a sport coat, accompanied by a box of sharp shoes that fit like a glove.

Each thing we tried on fit the way it was meant to, no guesswork, just grab and go. The prices weren’t necessarily cheap, but that’s due to a couple factors none the least of which that these are some quality (GrandLife approved) brands: GANT Rugger and John Varvatos, just to name a few.

The best part about Trunk Club is that there’s no risk, you’ve got 10 days to play with the threads at which point anything you don’t like can be shipped back free of charge, the rest being billed to your card on file. Give em a try, you’re gonna like the way you look.

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