We’re a bit overwhelmed with fashion week (in a good way), how are you managing?

Pip: Doing well – just got back from the UK where I packed up my flat, I really wonder how I accumulated so much stuff there…breathtaking really. It took me days, horrible process.

We can sympathize! Have to say by the way, your singing voice is radically different than your speaking voice – very thick New Zealand accent.

Pip: Yeah! It’s funny how that stuff works I suppose

Kiwis have been in the media lately with the Flight Of The Conchords Charity Video with nearly every single New Zealand singer/performer – how come you weren’t on there?

Pip: I’m quite used to being left out actually, haha. Red Nose day is a big deal down in New Zealand, it’s a bummer that I was touring when that was being made but I think it came out really really great. I fucking love New Zealand, in many ways it’s the best country in the world.

So do you have a stereotypical beef with Australia?

Pip: Haha! No I don’t hate Australia, I lived there – It’s a great place to live, the lifestyle’s incredible, Sydney’s terrific, great city.

Speaking of cities, when you’re in New York, what’s something you try to do every time?

Pip: Ugh I never have any time to do anything. I’ve never really been able to come to NYC on holiday, I’m always working. Last time I was here, I had one day off and I spent the day in the Natural History Museum – that was pretty cool. When you’re touring it’s really exhausting, so having the momentum to sightsee isn’t terribly common, at least for me.

Performing live must take a lot out of you, no?

Pip: Yeah you don’t even realize that your whole body is moving constantly when you’re on stage, so when you finally get off you’re wiped out – and then the travelling is super super taxing, that’s almost the worst part actually, especially in the US, drives between gigs are so super long, sometimes you’re driving for 30 hours.

Do you have any horror stories from the road?

Pip: Baisically the entire first year of Ladyhawke… So Nick Littleman and I, before PNAU, were in a band called Teenager where I was largely just a guitar chick with a few vocals here and there but only in the studio really, so when I transitioned to Ladyhawke it was like woah…I’m all alone up here and I’ve gotta somehow work this crowd – which to this day I have a tough time doing. I’m not much of a showman, really just try to let my music speak for itself.

We wouldn’t get that impression talking to you now!

Pip: Yeah maybe haha, but that first year was just awful – but it was a huge learning experience which built up my confidence. I always envy people who are incredible on stage, I wish I could be like them so badly.

Do you have a pre-stage ritual you like to go through?

Pip: I always get super nervous, kindof sick feeling so I usually just have a beer or a glass of champagne to calm my nerves a bit.

Well we’ve been blasting your latest single – Blue Eyes quite a bit, really looking forward to seeing that live on Saturday. It’s got this great fuzzy quality that we haven’t heard in your back catalogue.

Pip: Oh cool! Yeah I really love the new sound. I toured the last record for like 2 years, and by the time I was done touring I was totally burnt out, I didn’t have it in my to make another massive pop record with a bunch of producers. All I wanted to do was work with my friend Pascal and make a rock album.

We felt a strong connection to Tame Impala’s style, similar use of distortion.

Pip: Oh my god I love them, they’re so good. I worked with Kevin from Tame Impala, had a lot of fun but nothing ever came of it unfortunately. Really love those guys. They’ve got a new record coming out in October I think?

 That sounds about right. What else is on your iPod these days?

Pip: I’ve been listening to Azealia Banks a lot lately. I think I caught the wave on her a bit later than everyone else – my best friend got obsessed with them ages ago and now I feel like the last one to the party. Besides her I haven’t really been listening to a lot of new music, I shut myself off from a lot of it I guess. I don’t know why really, I guess it’s like a little bit too much for my brain to process a ton of new music. I usually just listen to Bowie, and Patti Smith, but I was really excited to discover Azealia. She has this great way of rapping and singing that isn’t really either I love her accent, so cool.

She’s pretty spectacular, but we have to say we’re looking forward to your performance tonight…

Pip: Likewise, going to be a great night – I think we’re on at 1am! See you there.