To pay homage to 2011 and toast to 2012, we invite you to celebrate in true GrandLife style at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. Our annual bash on the evening of December 31st brings well-heeled guests with fizzying flutes of champagne to gaze upon the descending glittering ball that will signal the start of the New Year. This year, Tribeca Grand is teaming up with Shien Lee Creative Group to host the annual atrium ball drop amidst the scintillating Dances of Vice: The Grand Illusion. This opulent fete will feature contortionists, stilt-walkers, airbound acrobats, and burlesque beauties, to name a few.  Join us at the ideal downtown destination to revel in the moment, reflect on the past year, and end with that much-anticipated midnight smooch.  The Grand Illusion will feature sound by Sean Fightcats, Anthony Batista, DJ Devon Goldberg, DJ Miz Margo and a live set by Morricone Youth. Click here for more info.