We’ve asked Vimeo’s Ian Durkin to put together a weekly roundup of everything that’s catching his eye on one of the most beautiful video streaming networks we know of. Check in every Friday for his crop of fresh clips.

Director Matthew Frost first caught my attention with his video Une Fille Come Les Autres for the magazine Jalouse in which you hear the pitch for a video spot that would guarantee “tons of clicks!” as the visuals of his pitch unfold before you. It was a refreshing and creative approach to the typical equation of hot babes + beautiful clothes + incredibly shot + solid tune = banger ad. This time, with “Fashion Film” he takes it a step further and hilariously pokes fun at the genre with actress Lizzy Caplan.


Watching Gonz skate around while Alexandra Birchall-White films in a white dress with a laptop computer is magical. It reminds me of the joys that only summer nights hold and how badly I need to invite a babe in a dress to the next skate session.


Like most adolescent boys, I was insanely curious about what girls did in private. My favorite activity in grade school was sneaking around the house of two girls who lived next door to spy. I dreamed about “Freaky Friday” like scenarios that would allow me to infiltrate a pack of girls’ secret conversations daily. It was totally normal. This video would have saved me a lot of trouble as it depicts the conversations and tendencies of two girls locked alone in a natatorium for a day.


My pal Bianca asked a six year old what her movie should be about, and this is what he told her. In doing so, Bianca captured the incredible creativity that only a six year old could muster. He gives you sound advice, he makes you laugh and Bianca brings his ideas to life in a very honest and endearing way.


This video may be a critique on the current state of the washed up flow athlete (when you are essentially paid with product). How they are lost, toiling in the middle ground between nothingness and paid status, feigning the pro lifestyle by recounting tales that don’t belong to them. Their only glimmering hope and self affirmation is the box that arrives once a year. The video probably isn’t about that though. This video is probably just a fun approach to introduce Sitka’s new line with some hilarious dialogue and boy did they succeed in doing that!