Vintage collector Morgan Yakus and stylist Karin Bereson are the creators & masterminds behind the coveted NYC boutique, No. 6 Store in Little Italy.

The space is light-filled and spacious, and features a large and constantly changing European and American vintage collection, alongside carefully curated pieces from independent contemporary designers.

Having recently been impressed by their clever new Spring 2012 campaign, which features the creators friends as models, GrandLife chatted with Morgan and Karin to delve a little deeper into their working relationship, and the inspiration behind the store’s unique aesthetic.

GL: How did you both team up and decide to start the store together? And why did you choose this location?

Karin : I had always wanted to open a store and wanted to do something that incorporated vintage. I had seen some things that Morgan had curated and loved every piece. The rest was history.

Morgan : I had worked with many designers doing vintage inspiration and girls around the city had a lot of clients. It seemed natural to blend my clothing design and inspiration skill together in one project.

GL: What have been some of the highlights since starting the brand?

Karin:  It’s always exciting seeing your pieces on well known women and celebrities, especially those with great taste.  
Morgan: Often times customers wether they are celebrities, models, editors or non-fashion customers will tell me that they wear there items all the time. Sometimes there is even a story about something that happened when they wore something from the store.  That it made them feel good or they got a lot of complements or they met a nice guy.

GL: Tell me about your past collaborations? I recently mentioned your collab with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. Do you have any other exciting collabs ahead and what appeals to you about teaming up with other people? 

Morgan: Our past collaborations with Kim Gordon, Devendra Banhart and Dana Kline (book series), Jim Drain (artist), Urban Outfitters and Baggu have all been very organic. Also a lot of fun. 

GL: Where do you draw your inspiration, both in terms of business, and as creative minds?

Karin: I get inspired just listening to the customers on a daily basis. Like me, I am always fascinated that we all have the same needs, wants and “holes” in our wardrobes.

Morgan: I get inspired from customers and also street culture and nature. Sometimes it can be just taking a walk in nature. I also have a collection of images from the internet on Pinterest that I get inspired by . Made up of all different kinds of interiors, old houses, crystals, people and objects. 

GL: How would you describe the aesthetic of the brand and store? 

Karin :  I feel like our store offers a lot of different types of collections. Young designers that take more risks or pieces that have a twist but can be worn with anything. All the sales associates, and us, mix a lot of style influences together and I think it makes for an interesting and fun way to look at fashion. People often tell us they would never wear something we show them and then wind up trying it on and loving it. There is always conversation and energy in the store between the customers, our sales associates and even husbands or boyfriends hanging out on the couch.

Morgan: I agree with Karin. I also think that our brand / store is fashionably classic, boyish with a feminine twist and often an element of surprise. We promote individuality and encourage mixing pieces from our brand and the store with the customers personal items.

GL: What do you think you’d be doing if you hadn’t come together with the brand & store?

Karin: I would be a children’s librarian.

Morgan: That’s a good question… Perhaps still doing inspiration for designers and traveling back and forth from NY to Europe.

GL: What are the labels that you’re coveting for this season? What are your best sellers, and do you have any hot tips or trends for Spring?

Karin: I am coveting the No. 6 Jade keyhole jumpsuit, a pair of our new wedge base clogs, Aesa coral stud earrings, Von Sono giant wide leg silk trousers and every Adina Mills giant rope and crystal necklaces. I want to wear black socks with everything, don’t ask me why. 

Morgan : All the clogs, they are so comfortable and easy to wear .. I have already been wearing the long button back dress and long kimono dress. Love Gillian Steinhardintagliost Canadian jewelry designer, the intaglios that she gets from Turkey and make necklaces and rings. We are the only people who have her jewelry in the US. Christian Wijnajts black and white knit sweater. 

GL: Who are your style icons?

Karin: Patti Smith, Ali McGraw, MIA.

Morgan: Annie Hall, Krishnamurti, Audrey Hepburn.

GL: Lastly, what is your favorite NYC bar/restaurant/shop/secret must do?

Karin: Broome Sky Massage in Chinatown. The owner speaks no english, you will be in serious pain and seriously relaxed afterward.

Morgan: Stogo vegan ice cream in the East Village (they make all the ice cream there), Staten Island Ferry in the spring and summer, Maison Premiere Oyster and Absinthe bar in Williamsburg, Magic jewelry in Chinatown (they do aura pictures and tell you about it and also they sell crystal jewelry that has been blessed by a taoist master), Hester Street Fair on Saturday has foodies, clothing, objects and vintage and the Williamsburg Smorgasburg on Saturdays.