We’ve missed Don Hill’s. We’ve Missed Don Hill. We’ve missed late nights and early mornings spent walking home from the dingy den, ears ringing from a distortion laden rock show, mind blown from the many once in a lifetime moments we’ve shared all the way west on spring street.

So when our friend Chidi Achara mentioned that there was to be a one night only revival of the iconic spot to celebrate the launch of the new “Chelsea Pump”, we knew we couldn’t miss it. The scene as we approached was bordering on mayhem – an impressive feat for 11:30, but nothing we hadn’t expected for a pop up ripper at Don’s.

Jumping the line we were ushered in to a packed house lit mainly by custom neon that covered the walls, throwing crazy pink shadows on top of ludicrous graffiti, very psychedelic. The bar was stocked with an endless flow of Wild Turkey, just the way we like it.

We had felt the rumble of the stereo a few blocks away, so when we walked in to find the Icky Blossoms rocking out hard we weren’t surprised. They wrapped their set and DJ Chelsea Leyland hopped back on the decks, giving license to the likes of Hilary Rhoda, Brad Goreski, and David Schwimmer to completely rock out.

Leyland got a few songs out before the wattage was cut when in typical Don Hill’s fashion, the cops showed up. They served as an almost perfect tip of the hat to the legend of that spot, the energy it created, and the way that it could never be contained.