Taking over The Club Room, DJ Tony Okungbowa and Canada’s mix tape master Jo Jo Flores Launched their Ellen Degeneres approved mix tape “A Night To Remember” as part of a nationwide rollout. The multi disc mix touches every base in the 70’s and 80’s spectrum, revealing what they described as their “desire to craft the perfect night out, from beginning to end, this is the soundtrack we envisioned.”

The ever dapper duo took a moment to sit down with us before their party, where we got a chance to geek out over our shared love for all things 80’s, including some off the beaten path music like Sylvester, Fingers Inc, and Indeep – safe to say, we’re on the same page.

Click through the album for a look at the evening.

“A Night To Remember” can be found online in the iTunes Music Store and on Amazon

Photos courtesy of Andrew Toth/Patrickmcmullan.com