The term “curator” has traditionally been applied to the art world. Its Latin root curare means “take care,” and in the context of art museums and galleries, curators are the guardians of culturally significant collections.  So what place do curators have in the fashion, music and lifestyle worlds- and is there really room for a conference devoted to this subject during a week of competing fashion influencer conferences?

The Curators Conference produced by Portable, a site devoted to curating video across disciplines, certainly presented an intriguing case for itself with its lineup of nine top curators (and, perhaps more accurately, creators) in their respective fields. With a nod to Fashion Week, curation in the fashion world was explored by the founders of blogs such as Cool Hunting, Refinery29 and Style Bubble as well as through the lenses of filmmaker Gia Coppola and Chris Corrado, the Fashion Curator and Director of Capsule, a trade show which has become an influential brand in its own right.

We enjoyed the intimate feel of the day (despite a mostly full house at Walter Reade Theatre) and the charisma and likeability of many of the speakers.  In lieu of supersized panels, each speaker had a good amount of time to give a keynote and field questions from the audience.  However, one almost wished that the interdisciplinary nature of the conference carried over into the structure of the programming – with at least one roundtable or interview style session.  Which is why we especially enjoyed the tag team presentation by Philippe von Borries and Piera Gelardi from Refinery29.

Overall, the conference was a great inaugural US effort by Portable.TV and we look forward to seeing what the Curators Conference has in store for round two.

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