Bleeding Knees Club
Two boys from Brisbane Australia, making catchy garage pop songs about crushes and being young. It is simple, fun and completely danceable.

Known for his prowess on the MPC and working with artists like Cam’ron, Araabmusik is now making and performing great dance music of his own.

Dum Dum Girls
Haunting girl group sounds with influences ranging from The Jesus and Mary Chain to Siouxsie. Dum Dum Girls are as mesmerising live, as they are on record.

Distinct vocals mixed with heavy beats makes Canadian newcomer Claire Boucher, a girl to watch. Her songs not only intriguing but capitivating.

Main Attrakionz
Oakland duo, pushing hip hop into something that is a little more weird and disorienting. Their tracks are full of feeling and totally outer-worldly.

Not a new band, but a good band. Straight up electronic pop that always has something “quirky with an 80s synthesizer”. Definitely music for synchronized choreography.

Porcelain Raft
Originally from Italy but now based in England, Porcelain Raft write enchanting songs with effortless vocal melodies. Though powerful, they still give an air of delicacy.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (UMO)
Sounding a little the New Zealand Sergeant Peppers with a modern edge, UMO makes psychedelia that happily blends inspiration from pop, funk and and antipodean quirks.

Zola Jesus
Arizona is not the first place you think gothic sensibilities would resound, but for Zola Jesus it was. Her music is dark, mysterious and very, very big.

Despite a wealth of releases, Zomby rarely plays live (only one US show so far). Jumping dance genres with ease, he manages to establish a style and audio environment truly his own.