Long hailed as the coffee table king, the late Slim Aarons’ work has been compiled into the 4th tome to be printed by Abrams publishing. We at GrandLife have been infatuated by the highly saturated snapshots of the good life – what Slim called “Attractive people, in attractive places, doing attractive things.”

This volume of Slim’s collection finds us deep in the heart of Italy, or more aptly, deep in the heart of Slim’s lifelong love affair with Italy. Having discovered postwar rome after his tour in WWII, Slim immediately began documenting everything that his eye deemed beautiful and relevant – taking time to document some of Italy’s most fabulous people who lived in Italy’s most fabulous places, including: Marcello Mastroianni, Ursula Andress, Joan Fontaine, and Tyrone Power.

La Dolce Vita can be preordered from Amazon.com for $53