Thrown in honor of Katherine Graham, his friend and publisher of the Washington Post, Capote chose the beautiful and intimate Grand Ballroom at New York’s Plaza Hotel as the setting. This was not just any party; it was an incredible convergence of upper echelon of New York society mixed with starlets, paramours, muses, literary mavens, international tycoons and all the delicious dirt and elegant beauty that accompanied it.

The sheer star power of the evening was mind-blowing: Kennedys, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Whitneys; newlyweds Mia Farrow  and Frank Sinatra;  Andy Warhol and ingénue Penelope Tree, who was the hit of the evening in a more naked than dressed outfit with her flowing black tunic and form-fitting tights. Richard Avedon with a young actress named Candice Bergen. Norman Mailer, William F. Buckeley, Tennessee Williams, Sammy Davis Jr., Marlene Dietrich, Lauren Bacall, Oscar De La Renta, Vivien Leigh, and Bill Cunningham, to name a few; made it arguably the most glamorous party ever held in America at the time.

An ode to this scene of ages past, the Soho Grand’s annual New Year’s Eve Black & White Masquerade Ball is a reincarnation of the iconic party Truman Capote unknowingly made famous.

The night is certain to become the swansong for a marvelous 2011, and a wondrous way to welcome in the New Year. The hotel itself has become synonymous with providing the social set with the most talked about, exciting and salubrious events. A present day incarnation of what the original artistic scene ignited back in the 60s, its dynamic timeless atmosphere harkens back to this imaginative age with its own cache of creatives in the grandeur of Soho Grand’s soaring second floor Salon, Grand Bar, and Club Room.

To echo Capote’s sentiment for his own party, “I just wanted to give a party for my friends,” this year GrandLife has invited DJs Harley Viera-Newton, Alexandra Richards, May Kwok, Japanster, and David Abitbol to keep the party rocking while Aaron Stern, Mandy M Coon, Katie Gallagher, John Munson, Ted Gushue, and Mike Nouveau to join in the hotel’s own Tommy Saleh and Steven Rojas to host what is sure to be the best party of the year.

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